coaching services

All of our packages are custom designed with the services you need, whether that’s training, support, mentoring, coaching, or simply review.

If You’re A Bookkeeping Business Owner Who Is Passionate About Providing Top-Notch Services To Your Clients And Wants To Know That What You’re Doing Is Not Only Correct But Best, We’d Be A Great Fit. ​

Stage 1 - Theoretical

Build confidence in the value you bring to clients and enhance your general bookkeeping knowledge
  • Pre-client Package: $200
  • Informational Package: $250
  • Voyeur Package: $350

Stage 2 - Practical

Get training, explanation, and review of your work so that you can conquer imposter syndrome
  • Monthly Budget Package: $150
  • Monthly Basic Support Package: $275
  • Monthly Advanced Support Package: $500
  • Quarterly Budget Package: $675
  • Quarterly Basic Support Package: $1,200
  • Quarterly Unlimited Support Package: $2,400

Stage 3 - Professional

Get software training, setup, new employee hiring and training, SOPs, and organizing and documenting workflows
  • Fully customized packages for:
  • Training and hiring employees
  • Software optimization and automation
  • Task management and workflow review and design

Bookkeeping Support Package

Trusted bookkeeping support to ensure your clients are taken care of no matter what. We understand life happens and are here to help no matter what life throws at you
  • Maternity Leave
  • Illness
  • Vacation
  • Family emergencies

Hiring Event

Ready to hire but not sure who to trust or where to look for employees? Want to hire someone you can train but don't have time to train them? We're here for you. Investment starting at a minimum of $750
  • Acquisition of candidates
  • Bookkeeping knowledge test
  • Bookkeeping skills exam
  • Summary of skills and recommendations

Plug and Play Package

For just $450, this package includes one software setup and/or cleanup, customized to your business, from start to finish, so that all you have to worry about is using it once it's done. It's the perfect package add-on to complement any stage
  • Know you need to tidy up your back-end workflows but just don't know where to start?
  • Concerned about taking on new clients because your onboarding process is a mess?
  • Know how to handle everything but just don't have time to take away from client work?
  • Trying to hire but don't feel prepared?
  • Already bought a course but never finished or implemented anything?
  • We've got you. Stress free? Yes please!

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