About Pachira

With over 100 years of combined experience, our mission is to offer the best support possible to other bookkeeping professionals to help their businesses thrive.

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“Everyone is capable of great things with the right support system. Together, we will combat imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, and the fear of failure.”

About Becky

With an extensive background as a bookkeeper, business manager and teacher, Becky Frampton believes that with the right support system, the potential of every small business owner can be unlocked. It’s why she established Pachira Business Solutions. With decades of experience, she understands the challenges bookkeeping entrepreneurs face and genuinely enjoys offering her knowledge, empathy and enthusiasm while guiding and supporting others.

Becky is proud to know her company offers services that go beyond coaching. With unwavering support, training and guidance, she and her Pachira team of experts work hard to help other entrepreneurs as they embark on their own business journeys. They are even noted as being some of the best cheerleaders and teammates their clients have ever had while navigating through tough times.

When she’s not immersed in helping her clients’ bookkeeping businesses, you’ll most likely find Becky creating beautiful spaces with plants, indoors and out. She and her contractor husband also stay busy caring for their rental properties and enjoy working on their own home renovations.

The Pachira Team Stands Out from the Competition

Laurie Cropped


Bookkeeping Coach

I began my journey in Accounts Payable as an office assistant. When I unexpectedly found myself without a job, I took matters into my own hands and started my own bookkeeping business from home.

Bookkeeping has always been a natural skill for me. In the past 8 years, I’ve discovered a deep passion for teaching and guiding others, particularly when I witness those gratifying “ah ha!” moments.

I truly cherish nurturing the confidence of fellow bookkeepers and empowering them to pursue their own dreams. Witnessing others embrace their potential and take on greater challenges is so satisfying, especially knowing that they have exceptional support and resources available through Pachira.

Kim Guidi


Support Bookkeeper

I have been providing bookkeeping services for businesses across the country since 2018 with experience in many different industries, including: preschools, service providers, property management and real estate investors, interior designers, e-commerce and personal bookkeeping, among others. I am Quickbooks Advanced Certified and also Xero certified. I enjoy monthly bookkeeping, clean-ups and catch-ups. I take delight in doing what others see as drudgery, and doing behind the scenes what will make you shine.

Jana Croppoed


Bookkeeping Coach

I strive to present myself in a friendly manner, aiming to be a relatable and approachable figure for my clients. My intention is for clients to feel comfortable and at ease, as if they are talking to a trusted friend. 

There is no judgment or room for feeling embarrassed about asking questions, no matter how basic they may seem. I want to create an environment where clients feel accepted and understood, without any worries of being perceived as unintelligent for struggling with a simple task.

My goal is to alleviate coaching clients’ anxieties and fears by assuring them that not knowing something is completely normal and that we all have to start somewhere. It’s important to remember that nobody knows everything, and we are all in a constant state of learning and growth. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can help uncover solutions that may have been overlooked when one has been immersed in a problem for too long.



Support Bookkeeper

Accuracy, consistency and punctuality are what my Pachira bookkeeping clients can expect from me. I’ve often been described as tenacious and I’m not afraid to claim it! I appreciate the professionalism within the Pachira team and love working with other bookkeepers to help them keep clean,accurate and understandable books for their own clients. Every bookkeeper has a different way of approaching their niche market. I love this challenge as it keeps things exciting. I love the variety of businesses I get to work with on a daily basis!



Administrative & Virtual Assistant

It feels great to help a client who is overwhelmed with their email or file management system and turn it into something clean and organized. Even in my spare time, I tend to create to-do lists and find myself talking with others about effective time management. It’s truly a passion of mine. Working as a virtual assistant allows me to combine my love of organization with helping busy business owners.

I am a spreadsheet and organizational nerd. In my spare time, I design to do lists and talk endlessly about effective time management. It truly brings me joy to help a client that is overwhelmed by their email or file management system and turn it into something clean and organized. Working in the VA department allows me to combine my love of organization with helping busy business owners.

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Administrative & Virtual Assistant

Spending several years as an elementary school teacher and coach, I find lots of joy supporting and building relationships with those around me. Becky has built an amazing team that loves helping bookkeepers build their businesses.

It’s rewarding to work behind the scenes supporting our staff and clients, helping them find packages, coaches, and services. 

I love that we provide diverse solutions through our Support Bookkeeping, Coaching, Systems, and Virtual Assistant Departments that bookkeeping business owners wherever they are in their journey.
One of my favorite things is reading emails from long-time clients who are so appreciative of Pachira’s help and support! 

Greg Cropped


Support Bookkeeper

There’s immense satisfaction in offering our clients a solution for those times when they need to focus on something else in their business or life. Whether they need to focus on other tasks, need help with day-to-day data entry, or need time away for vacation, maternity/paternity leave or an illness, I’m here to support them with whatever they need to keep their bookkeeping business running smoothly.

Photo of Terry, one of Pachira's bookkeeping coaches


Bookkeeping Coach

Having grown up around family-owned businesses, I was exposed to QBO and enjoyed helping with the books.

Throughout a two-decade tenure in the banking industry, discovered great satisfaction in guiding and supporting my colleagues through various tasks.

Whether it involved introducing new processes, facilitating the onboarding of new team members, or resolving unfamiliar challenges, I derived immense joy from empowering others and nurturing their professional development.



Systems Specialist & Support Bookkeeper

I played a lead role in several large software implementations during the 15 years I worked in electronic health record management for Oregon’s largest provider of children’s mental health services. During this time, I developed a love for learning and implementing software and teaching others to use it effectively.

As a bookkeeper myself, I now enjoy using my software skills in the bookkeeping world to implement and teach other bookkeepers how to use CRMs such as Dubsado and TaxDome and task management systems including Asana and ClickUp. I understand the flow of bookkeeping work and the importance of helping bookkeeping business owners document and refine their tasks, SOPs, and workflows. I hold certifications from Bookkeeper Launch, am a ClickUp certified Expert, and a QBO ProAdvisor.

Lyndsay Walker


Administrative & Virtual Assistant

I love assisting bookkeeping business owners in maximizing their productivity and achieving their goals. With many ways to support Pachira clients, one notable approach is organizing emails and drives, configuring filters, and relabeling files to make information more accessible. As a working mom of three, I understand how important it is to be organized!

Cropped Jana Photo


Bookkeeping Coach

As an experienced bookkeeper and business owner, I’m excited to coach bookkeepers on their entrepreneurial journey. My goal is to boost your confidence and help you navigate the complexities of running your own bookkeeping business.

With my expertise in bookkeeping and tax preparation, I understand how the books connect with the tax return process. I simplify complicated topics and break them down into manageable pieces, ensuring your effortless understanding. Through personalized guidance and mentorship, I’ll empower you with the knowledge and skills to excel in your bookkeeping business.

Deepthi Rapeti


Support Bookkeeper

With a bachelor’s degree in engineering, I offer a unique perspective when it comes to helping other bookkeepers with their clients’ books. I am highly efficient, accurate and love to problem solve. I have my Bookkeeper Launch and QuickBooks ProAdvisor certifications.

Heidi, one of Pachira's support bookkeepers


Support Bookkeeper

As an Army veteran and middle school teacher, I truly enjoy having my bookkeeping business as a second career. I am certified with Bookkeeper Launch and QuickBooks ProAdvisor and have the knowledge and experience to help other bookkeepers maintain their clients’ books.

Photo of Amy, systems specialist for Pachira


Systems Specialist

I am keenly aware of the need to use tech with purpose and not lose sight of tech as a tool in the service of humans, not the other way around. Today’s technology is amazing, and the goals of the humans driving the process are key.  In my role, I strive to help clients harness technology in a way they find empowering rather than burdensome. 

My role as a systems specialist at Pachira allows me to combine my experience running my own businesses with my background in coding, web design, and cybersecurity (GSEC, GCIH). I also hold certifications in bookkeeping from NACPB and BL and am a certified Quickbooks Online & Payroll ProAdvisor.

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