Back Office Bookkeepers & Virtual Assistants

Back office support system

Need a Little Extra Help?

When it comes to day-to-day operations, we’ve got you covered!

Our professional bookkeepers and virtual assistants are well-prepared to help with your growing bookkeeping business and keep everything running smoothly. Hiring Pachira staff to handle your back-end bookkeeping or as your virtual assistant means you’ll never have to worry about employment hassles, processing payroll or tracking taxes --ever!

Back-End Bookkeeping

We offer trusted bookkeeping support to ensure your clients are well taken care of.

Virtual Assistance

Ready to help at any stage of business, our virtual assistants offer back-end administrative and operational support at an affordable rate with no set minimums.

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Professional & Affordable Services

Accurate, reliable and detail-oriented are part of the Pachira team’s DNA. You can count on us to help with all aspects of your bookkeeping business.

Business mentors

Quick Turnarounds

Our response rate is within 24 hours or less.

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Money-Back Guarantee

We’re confident in our services and proudly offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Case Study

Our staffing and back-end support services allows this business owner to grow while leaving hiring headaches behind.

Meet Kerrie Maynes, owner of Strategic Bookkeeping Solutions, who talks with Becky about partnering with Pachira for bookkeeping staffing support and how it has changed her approach to hiring and scaling her business.

Meet the Pros

Pachira bookkeeping professionals are “all in” when it comes to helping your business thrive!

At Pachira, we are fully committed to our mission of supporting the bookkeeping community as a whole. We carefully select motivated staff with varying levels of bookkeeping experience, who work under the guidance of our exceptional coaching staff. While offering expert-level work, we also ensure that our hourly rates remain affordable for established bookkeepers seeking our assistance.

Our virtual assistants (VAs) are integral to our operations, working directly with bookkeepers on a daily basis. They receive specialized training to efficiently handle all back-end tasks that bookkeeping business owners may need to outsource or delegate. Supported by our bookkeeping coaches and systems department, they deliver unparalleled support to your business, ensuring optimal efficiency and assistance.

The Pachira Difference

When you partner with Pachira, you can expect...

Our staff will regularly update task statuses in either your task management system or ours, making sure that you know exactly where the work stands at any given time.

You’ve got an entire team to back you up. So instead of having to worry about what happens when that one contractor you depend on isn’t able to complete their work, you can relax, knowing that those issues have been passed on to Pachira.

We track our hours specifically to each account we’re working in, so you know exactly what each client is costing on the back end, without any effort on your part!

What our clients have to say...

Additional Services to Grow Your Bookkeeping Business

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Systems Set-up

For one low price, you’ll get software setup and cleanup tailored to your business. Use it once and you’re done! It’s the perfect add-on for any stage of business.

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Bookkeeper Coaching

Imagine having your own personal bookkeeping business coach in your back pocket to help navigate uncertainty and tackle unfamiliar problems.

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We want to help you, and we’re confident in our service, which is why we proudly offer a 100% money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not happy with our service, we will refund your full package priceAll we ask is that you help us understand where we went wrong and how we can do better in the future. 

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