About Pachira

Pachira is great for successful business owners who are ready to sit back and enjoy running their business instead of their business running them.

It's not another generic program

When you partner with Pachira, you’re getting one-on-one coaching with an experienced bookkeeper with a background in education who loves to teach. Your coaching will be 100% specialized and catered to YOU, not just generalized information. 

It's not pre-recorded

You’re getting real-time answers specific to your clients, knowledge level, and situation. You’re investing in training through actual client work that will directly impact the amount of time you spend attempting to figure things out.

It's not limited to certain topics

We can cover anything and everything from marketing to tech, to workflow, to employees, to overall business management. We’ve designed Pachira to help you grow through every phase of your business.

Hi, I’m Becky!

I believe everyone is capable of great things with the right support system! I started Pachira Business Solutions to help you combat imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, and fear of failure so you can grow your bookkeeping business with confidence.

As a teacher with over 15 years of business management and bookkeeping experience, I believe there are no dumb questions.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how lonely and lost you can feel, at any stage in business. If you’re looking for experienced, empathic, and enthusiastic support, look no further.

When you partner with Pachira, you’re not just getting a coach, you’re getting a teammate and a cheerleader – someone who is in your corner to support, train, and guide you on your business adventure. I will celebrate your wins as if they’re my own and will help lift you up to power through tough times, too.

If you’re a Bookkeeping Business owner who is passionate about providing top-notch services to your clients and wants to know that what you’re doing is not only correct but best, we’ll be a great fit!

Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Laurie!
Bookkeeping Coach

I believe life is better when we spend our time building others up. In a job interview I was once asked what my ideal job would be. After some thought I answer my dream job would be any position where I got to help people. I don’t even really care what the work is as long as I know it is genuinely helping someone. I have been a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse, a foster parent, a housekeeper, a volunteer, and I have owned my own bookkeeping business since 2015. I am great at simplifying processes and finding the best way to systematize things, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time you are faced with the same task/project. I love encouraging people and believing in them when they may be struggling to believe in themselves.

Hi, I’m Lisa!
Bookkeeping Coach

I am the proud mom of 3 children who blessed me with 7 grandchildren. I love encouraging people in life and in their career. I have an education degree and have taught various grade levels and subjects. I really like knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life. My very first job was in bookkeeping and my original degree plan was in accounting before switching to education to spend more time with my kids. I have my Bookkeeper Launch and Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor certificates. I get very excited about the actual task of bookkeeping and making things match. My goal is to help people realize their dreams of establishing and growing a bookkeeping business.

Hi, I’m Kaiyah!
Bookkeeping Coach & Support Bookkeeper

As a new bookkeeping business owner myself, I understand that it can be scary starting something new and having no one to turn to for help. I have joined more bookkeeping groups on facebook that I can even keep track of and have spent hours and hours just scrolling through the groups answering questions that others post. I spend most of my time doing this and hopping in messages and exchanging screenshots to help out fellow bookkeepers. I came to a point where I needed a change with what I am currently doing and that is when Becky reached out to me. I love this business and being able to help others reach their goals. Being part of this team allowed me to turn basically a hobby into a career.

Hi, I’m Martha!
Bookkeeping Coach
I believe we should do all things with excellence and always strive to provide value. I understand, firsthand, the growing pains business owners go through and I love using my knowledge and experience to help and alleviate their worry and stress.  I am certified with Bookkeepers Launch, I have achieved the Intuit Professional Bookkeeper certificate and am a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Previous to bookeeping, I  spent 18 years in management with various support roles. I live in Michigan and am a proud military spouse and a mom of 2 young boys. We enjoy traveling, creating memories and experiencing new things. 

Hi, I’m Julie!
Software Specialist
I am the owner of Anatomy Bookkeeping and have my Bookkeeper Launch certificate and am a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.  I worked in the mental health field for 25 years, starting in direct care for children and adolescents early on and more recently in health information and electronic health record management.  During this time I developed a love for learning new software, implementing it, and teaching others to use it effectively.  I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and my interests include spending time in nature, cooking, and playing on my Tuesday night trivia team.

Hi, I’m Karen!
HR Manager

I am the owner of Red Apple Bookkeeping, located in MO.  I have my certificates from Bookkeeper Launch and Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor.  I spent several  years as an elementary school teacher and volleyball coach.  My interests include spending time with my family, working toward getting my Standard Poodle into therapy dog training, health/wellness and being active in my church.  My husband of almost 30 years and I have one teenage son.

Hi, I’m Cassandra!
Support Bookkeeper

After getting my certificates from Bookkeeper Launch and QuickBooks Online Proadvisor I feel, now,I can positively impact someone’s life. I worked in the operating room for 20 years as a surgical technician.  Aside from being a bookkeeper I homeschool my daughter and enjoy doing house renovations. My favorite hobby is working in the garden and collecting plants.  

Hi, I’m Deepthi!
Support Bookkeeper

I am Deepthi Rapeti. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. I am passionate about Bookkeeping. I
completed Bookkeeper Launch Certification and QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification. I use my
engineering and problem-solving skills to help business owners to keep their books more accurately and
efficiently. I am fast paced and a quick learner. As I come from a technical background I have more
logical and analytical skills to serve various clients in different fields. When not performing mathematical
wizardry, I like playing board games, nature walks, shopping and watching movies with my family.

Hi, I’m Heidi!
Support Bookkeeper

I am the owner of H.Dunn Bookkeeping in Colorado Springs, CO. I have my Bookkeeper Launch certificate and QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor certification. I am an Army veteran and served in the active Army for 8 years after completing ROTC in college. I left the service after my oldest daughter was born, and I’m a proud mom of three daughters, ages 21, 20, and 17. My husband and I have been married for 29 years and he retired from the Army in 2013 after 20 years of service. I love spending time with my family and going camping, paddle boarding, skiing, and our newest love, hammocking! I have a Masters in Special Education and currently work as a Special Education Resource Teacher at a middle school in Colorado Springs. I also coach cross country and intramural basketball at my middle school. I strive to make a positive impact on all of my students lives, giving them the confidence they need to work hard and be successful. Bookkeeping originally was a hobby of mine, but over time I felt the desire to expand it more into a 2nd career. I love working in this business and excited to be a part of the Pachira Business Solutions team, helping others reach their bookkeeping goals.

Hi, I’m Maddie!
Support Bookkeeper

I am the owner of Virtue Bookkeeping, LLC based out of Nebraska. Prior to being a bookkeeper, I was an assistant manager at a clinic where I first started my experience with reconciliations. I am Quickbooks ProAdvisor Certified and Bookkeeper Launch Certified.
I have 2 children, a 1 year old and a 3 year old and my husband is a firefighter. We are hobby home flipping DIYers, but anymore these days our time is filled with building blocks and play-doh.
I’m excited to get to help Becky and our team exceed your bookkeeping expectations!

Hi, I’m Krista!
Virtual Assistant

 I am a wife and mama to three fur babies and one angel baby. I graduated with my BS in communications in 2016. I worked in the office of a manufacturing plant for about 2 years and have bounced around since. Finally my good friend Becky came to me with a business proposal and here I am! I love organization and I sometimes make spreadsheets for fun. I have known Becky for a very long time and I’m so happy to work with her to help others!

Client Testimonials

I believe everyone is capable of great things with the right support system. Together, we will combat imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, and fear of failure.

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