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Helping You and Your Business Thrive

Pachira’s curated team of experts is extremely client-focused. In fact, the company’s evolution is driven by their clients’ needs.

At Pachira Business Solutions, we have a dedicated team of systems specialists, back-end bookkeepers, virtual assistants, and business coaches who are ready to support your business’s growth and success. Whether you need assistance with streamlining your processes, managing your books, or enhancing your overall business strategy, we have the expertise and resources to help you thrive.

While other companies may provide generic courses or training, we take a personalized approach at Pachira. With a wealth of knowledge, experience and genuine concern, our team will skillfully design support packages that perfectly align with your individual needs, all while guaranteeing optimal cost-effectiveness. Finally – the help you’ve been yearning for!

Burnt-out and Overworked Bookkeepers Everywhere are Struggling With the Same Challenges...

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We Can Help

Pachira offers coaching, consulting, training, and staffing

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Imagine having your own personal bookkeeping business coach in your back pocket to help navigate uncertainty and tackle unfamiliar problems.

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Operations Support

Our trained support staff includes bookkeepers and virtual assistants. We are ready to hit the ground running to keep up with your business’s growth!

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Systems Setup

For one low price, you’ll get software setup and cleanup tailored to your business. Use it once and you’re done! It’s the perfect add-on for any stage of business.

Why Our Clients Love Us!

Meet the Pros

Pachira professionals are driven by a genuine passion for helping your bookkeeping business thrive!

When you partner with Pachira, you’re getting someone in your corner to support, train and guide you on your business venture journey.

Meet Our Founder

Pachira Business Solutions was founded by Becky Frampton, a successful bookkeeper and business owner, to help other bookkeepers grow and maintain their own businesses in the best way possible.

Becky & Stella Frampton